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An unusual small estate on the edge of the Highlands with beavers


What is geocaching?

Since hosting the annual UK Mega Cache event in 2010 Perthshire has come to be known as the geocaching capital of Scotland.

Geocaching is an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt in which participants use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to seek out a cache that has been hidden at a specific location.

So once you’ve found the treasure box – what will you discover inside? Most caches have a log book for you to leave a message in and the satisfaction of finding the box is a reward in itself. But often you will also find a strange array of trinkets that people have left to swap. If you take a treasure out of the box, you should leave another trinket in its place, so come prepared.


The Cateran Trail GeoTour has 20 special caches spread across the five stages.

A collectable bronze geocoin will be awarded to geocachers who collect 25 points and an antique silver geocoin will be awarded to geocachers who collect 30 points.

Points can be earned by:

  • finding caches (1 point)
  • stopping to eat (2 points) or
  • while sleeping (3 points)

To enter, download the GeoTour Passport from this page (pdf). All the instructions, terms and conditions are there. You can also download a .gpx file with co-ordinates for the Participating Businesses.