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An unusual small estate on the edge of the Highlands

Dispatch from a Scottish Yurt

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

The most memorable part of my time living in a yurt, has to be the owls. Judging by the directions of their nightly hoots, there seem to be three that live on the Bamff estate, nestled away among the woods and streams of Perthshire, north of the small town of Alyth.  I’m told that they are Tawny owls, and though I’ve not been fortunate enough to see one, they’ve made their presence known for the two months that I’ve lived here. The thin walls of a yurt let in all the sounds of a Scottish forest at night, from deer barking in the woods and occasionally crashing about, to foxes calling as they do their nightly rounds. In the morning there is the usual squawking of the Pheasants, strutting around on the grass and in the late afternoon as it...

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Summer 2016 – Bamff Ecotourism Gathers Speed

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

This new season has been our most exciting yet. The yurts are almost constantly full with our delightful guests, with changeovers almost every day. We have lovely cleaners, Tanya and Brook who wizz round with great efficiency. The Gate Lodge is finished and letting well and nearly everyone seems happy with what we have to offer at Bamff. The beavers in the Burnieshead pools had three kits this year and they have been regularly seen by our guests. Guests have also seen otters, herons, lots of roe deer, and recently a wildcat! The weather has done its usual Scottish thing of varying from day to day, but there has been a fair bit of rain and plenty of sunshine as a consequence of which the vegetation has gone crazy. There are six foot hogweeds down the drive and the...

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News for 2016 – Bamff Ecotourism & Glamping

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Activities, Blog | 0 comments

This year we are going to expand the availability of holiday accommodation at Bamff to include a second holiday self catering cottage, the Bamff Lodge, which will be known as the “Beaver Lodge” as it is within yards of what are probably the UK’s best beaver wetlands! Above two beaver-made pools on the Cateran Trail we are building a beaver hide   “The Bamff Hideaway”. In recognition of the nocturnal habits of beavers and other wildlife, there will be a double bed, which will make this a wonderful “glamping” destination – off the beaten path with wood burning stove and no electricity – it will offer exceptional access for wildlife watchers and photographers. We will also add 2 beautiful yurts on the campsite at the back of the castle in the spring.Each with their own stove, they will be available for short...

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Summer at Bamff

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Flowers We had an American visitor here at the week-end who was astonished by the size of our flowers. She was a keen gardener and had some of the same flowers in her own garden as we have in ours, but she said ours were much bigger.  Flowers – gardens and wild flowers –  are a feature of Scotland that are possibly not as famous abroad as rugged mountains and bloody battles, but they are  one of the things I love about living here. This year has been a great year for growth as we’ve had plenty of rain and sunshine and the wild flowers have been a delight as well as the flowers in the garden. The flowers in my pots at the back have done wonderfully well and I haven’t even had to water them once. The yellow...

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Feral offspring, Pony extraction and Rewilding

Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in Blog | 4 comments

George Monbiot’s “Feral” and our feral offspring I’ve been away from home, taking in a bit of the Edinburgh Book Festival where I heard the very inspiring George Monbiot speak about his wonderful new book on rewilding, “Feral”,  which give favourable mention to the Tay Beavers. I also saw some of the Fringe, including our son’s company, Clout Theatre’s  show, ‘The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity.’ (Which I loved, in spite of its  dark themes and bizarre twists, and fortunately, so did most reviewers). Did growing up here as feral children – as Sophie likes to claim – contribute in any way to our George’s curious and macabre imagination? Timber extraction by pony Returning (with a little relief) to the rural idyll that is Bamff I heard from Rachel DuBois in the top flat that some people had been...

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Beaver surgery and BBC’s the One Show at Bamff

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

I just got back from watching the beavers.  There were two of them out, an adult and a kit, grazing next to the pool, very relaxed, munching away on grass and other plants, sweet teddybearish expressions clearly visible through the binoculars.  As I headed home a vivid raspberry pink sunset was reflected in the still beaver pool behind the trees.  I was thinking about the remarkable week-end we had, when for once we were privileged to see, of all extraordinary things, the interior landscape of a living beaver. BBC’s One Show comes to film the beavers Roisin Campbell-Palmer of Royal Zoological Society of Scotland along with Helen Dickinson, Beaver Officer of the Tayside Beaver Study Group managed to successfully trap two of our beavers for the official monitoring programme, and then an operation, carried out by zoo vet Romaine...

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