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An unusual small estate on the edge of the Highlands with beavers

The dog days of summer – and a bit about trees.

Posted by on Sep 2, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

  It was lovely today. It happened in that way that Scotland has, of throwing up beautiful days at random, sprinkled between the cold, the windy and the wet ones. A gleaming day, at times a hot day, with just a glimpse of autumn – a tree here or there tinged with paprika or ginger.  I walked down the drive in the morning to look at the beaver pools in the little hidden den just below the causeway that the drive runs along. This is an area I was hardly aware of before we had beavers. But now there are so many dams there – maybe six or seven, and a flight of deep pools which today were glassy still and reflecting the tall trees.  It has become a magic glade.   Bamff has such a strange mixture of...

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The Burnieshead Hideaway Ecotourism

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The Burnieshead Hideaway, on a lovely woodland footpath on the Cateran trail, overlooking two beaver ponds and one beaver dam, is a little bit like a wildlife watching hide, but it is also a romantic off-grid glamping hut of great charm. It has a four poster bed, built from beaver cut wood, and a woodburning stove, two armchairs and a coffee table. There is also a table where you can boil a kettle or cook something up on a camping gas stove and is ideal for your next ecotourism holiday. With such proximity to the beavers habitat at the front and a wood full of red squirrels behind the Hideaway is ideal for lovers of quiet places and wildlife....

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Summer 2016 – Bamff Ecotourism Gathers Speed

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This new season has been our most exciting yet. The yurts are almost constantly full with our delightful guests, with changeovers almost every day. We have lovely cleaners, Tanya and Brook who wizz round with great efficiency. The Gate Lodge is finished and letting well and nearly everyone seems happy with what we have to offer at Bamff. The beavers in the Burnieshead pools had three kits this year and they have been regularly seen by our guests. Guests have also seen otters, herons, lots of roe deer, and recently a wildcat! The weather has done its usual Scottish thing of varying from day to day, but there has been a fair bit of rain and plenty of sunshine as a consequence of which the vegetation has gone crazy. There are six foot hogweeds down the drive and the...

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The Yurts are online!

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Our first guests are arriving this week-end and the weather is warm and sunny.  The yurts are up online for you to book via this website. More ways to book will follow.  We are launching with a “Yurt Welcome Special Deal” with a 20% reduction until mid July just to get things underway. In exchange we will ask our first guest to please give us their private feedback about anything we can do to improve the experience and to tell the online world about all the things you liked!   See you soon at Bamff…...

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News for 2016 – Bamff Ecotourism & Glamping

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Activities, Blog | 0 comments

This year we are going to expand the availability of holiday accommodation at Bamff to include a second holiday self catering cottage, the Bamff Lodge, which will be known as the “Beaver Lodge” as it is within yards of what are probably the UK’s best beaver wetlands! Above two beaver-made pools on the Cateran Trail we are building a beaver hide   “The Bamff Hideaway”. In recognition of the nocturnal habits of beavers and other wildlife, there will be a double bed, which will make this a wonderful “glamping” destination – off the beaten path with wood burning stove and no electricity – it will offer exceptional access for wildlife watchers and photographers. We will also add 2 beautiful yurts on the campsite at the back of the castle in the spring.Each with their own stove, they will be available for short...

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